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How accessible is your Club?

Have you ever took a step back and considered how accessible your Club is?

Listed below are some key areas to investigate, these are areas which particularly benefit disabled users although many of these possible improvements will be helpful to all users of your facility.

Car Parking Have you designated car park spaces for the disabled? Are these clearly marked when entering the car park and regularly monitored to ensure they are used only by disabled badge holders?

Each disabled bay should measure 2400 x 4800 with each side having a divisional hatched area for wheelchair transfer of 1200 (min) x 4800 mm

External Signage is the entrance clearly signed from road/footpath/car park?

Main Entrance Is it free from obstacles such as plants? Are there any steps? If so has a ramp been provided? Are all mats flush? Is there an alternative access which may be more accessible for disabled users?

Entrance doors Are the doors heavy to open? Are they wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair or other walking aid? Can they be modified, if not is it possible to hold open during buildings opening hours?

Corridors Are they free from obstructions and clutter?

Access to the bowling green Can wheelchair bowlers gain access to the green? Can the facility be modified as shown below?

Access to the WC and Changing Rooms Is there a separate WC for wheelchair users? Are there changing facilities for disabled players?

Do you have other disabled people who use your facility Have you asked them for further feedback about hearing loops, Braille signs, panic alarms etc?

Caf Area Do your chairs have arm rests to enable members with hip/knee joint difficulties have leverage when sitting down or standing up.

Reception Desk Is the desk accessible for Wheelchair users, could part of the desk be modified?

Telephone Is this wall mounted? Is it at a suitable height for wheelchair users and small people to reach the coin slot or even see the dialled numbers?

Colour Schemes When you next redecorating please consider contrasts between: Doors, Walls, Floors, handrails around corridors etc.

Fire Alarm Is the alarm audible only? Can it be modified to include visual indicators for the hearing impaired? If not, what provisions do you make with regard to evacuation of disabled and hearing impaired users in the event of an emergency?

Fire Exits Could wheelchair users or those with mobility difficulties exit the building via these doors?

Steps within the facility Are there handrails? Are there colour/tonal contrasts on step edges to help visually impaired users?

Dcor Next time facilities are redecorated consider colour contrast between the following areas to help the visually impaired:
- Doors and door frames; - Walls and floors; - Furniture and fittings; - Grab rails and sanitary fittings in WCs

General Interest Signs/Notice Boards/Posters Are items always easy to read for people with low vision? Signs displayed behind glass can be particularly difficult to read. Are notice boards at a suitable height for all users? Can they be modified?

Lighting Are all public areas (including car park and corridors) well lit? Is lighting in WCs and changing areas bright enough? Can it be modified?

Useful reading:
Making access to goods and services easier for disabled customers - published by the Disability Rights Commission. Available to download from the official government website www.Directgov.gov.uk go direct to

Sport England http://www.sportengland.org/facilities__planning/design_guidance_notes.aspx - comprehensive audit sheet can be printed (608k) which should be used in conjunction with the Sport Englands guidance note titled Access for Disables People (file size is 2Mb)which provides information that exceeds current standard regulations http://www.sportengland.org/access_for_disabled_people.pdf 

All copies are available from HQ if you do not have access to the Internet.
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