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2000/2001 Regional Trial Championships
Teams for the Peter Brimble Trophy
played at Erewash IBC on 11th and 12th November 2000

North Senior Team   North Junior Team
David Lockhart Blackpool Borough Mark O'Riordan Thornaby
David Bolt Sunderland Andrew Mooring York
Mark Walton Ryedale Ian Gallagher Cumbria
Stephen Farish Cumbria Gavin Taylor Cumbria



Ian Johnson Grantham Richard Chandler Cumbria
Martin Pulling Grantham Christopher Gale Blackpool Borough
Chris. Palmer Stanley Paul Ging The Parks
Dion Auckland Grantham Danny May Cumbria



Reserve: Reserve:
Jayson Parkinson Blackpool Borough Paul Mosely Thornaby

 Central Senior Team


Central Junior Team

Michael Bowley Nottingham James Howlett Norfolk
Alan Prew Chipping Norton George Tubby Acle
Ian Walker Kingsthorpe Mark Burdett Coventry
Simon Skelton Erewash Tim Stone Acle



Greg Moon Avon Valley James Collingham Nottingham
Neil McKee Kingsthorpe Jamie Chestney Pentney
Stuart Thomas Leicester Paul Simpson Spalding
Duncan Robinson Nottingham Steven Collingham Nottingham



Reserve: Reserve
Mick Sharpe Kingsthorpe Christopher Rodgers Melton & District

South & East Senior Team


South & East Junior Team

Ian McWhinney City of Ely David Mason Oyster
Nick Brett City of Ely Luke Nunn Luton
David Gildersleve Falcon Greg. Nash Haverhill
Gary A. Smith Cyphers Peter Springate Prince Arthur
Paul Butcher Cyphers Alan Dawson Towerlands
John McGuinness Desborough (M/H) Paul Coleman Wey Valley
Ian Jenkins Cambridge Park Jason Winter Seven Oaks
Martyn Sekjer Cyphers Christopher Young Wey Valley
Reserve: Reserve:
Gordon Charlton Folkestone Grant Allen Oyster

South & West Senior Team


South & West Junior Team

Clive Benham Donyatt Treve Evans West Cornwall
Kevin Cousins Dorchester Andrew Martin Chipping Norton
Graham Shadwell North Wilts Gareth Colebrooke Clarrie Dunbar
Graham Standley Long Meadow Steven Robertson Victory
Simon Stevens Exonia James Bransfield Clevedon
Glenn Allen Oxford & District Simon Jones Desborough (M/H)
Adam Tidby Dorchester Neil Davies Desborough (M/H)
Griff Sanders Teignbridge Mark Griffith Isle of Wight
Reserve: Reserve:
Dean Morgan East Dorset David Roe Bodmin


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