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National Competitions 2001-2002 - PHOTOS

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Greg Harlow
(City of Ely)

Paul Broderick & Neil Rees
Singles Pairs

Rob Newman, Mike Newman
& Mark Bantock
Simon Jones, Alan Price,
Malcolm Woodley & Neil Davies
(Desborough (M))
Triples Fours

David Ward (North Walsham)
Sponsored by
Warners Holidays

Mark & Kevin O'Riordan
Champion of Champions Father & Son

Clive and Ann Knott
Sponsored by
Golden Charter

Jean Arnaud, Peter Ward, 
Steve Spreadbury 
& Ella Dibble
Mixed Pairs Mixed Fours

Neil Davies
(Desborough (M))

John Crozier
Under 25 Singles Over 60 Singles

Andy Hawes, John Gale 
& Dave Clark

Frank Manning &
Ken Gooding
(Warner Bembridge)

Over 50 Triples Over 60 Pairs

Hartlepool IBC
Denny Cup Inter-Club
Sponsored by
Canada Life Ltd
Denny Plate Inter-Club

Sponsored by
Canada Life Ltd

Wey Valley IBC

Newcastle Eldon Square IBC
Under 25 Inter-Club
Double Rink
Over 60 Inter-Club
Double Rink
Sponsored by
National Express

Cambridgeshire CIBA

Liberty Trophy Inter-County
Under 25 Inter-County
Double Rink
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