English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd

England Team

for the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council (B.I.I.B.C)
Mixed U18's International Series

Real Time Scoring

to be played on  15th & 16th October 2016 at Aberdeen IBC

England Squad
Devon Cooper
Oliver Fowler
Liam Harris
Ruby Hill
Imogen Jenner
Aaron Johnson
Ajay Morphett
Ryan Nash
Adam Pitfield
Nicole Rogers
Jamie Tindall
Sam Walker
Rugby Thornfield
Norfolk Bowling Club
Egerton Park
Moonfleet 2000
Loddon Vale
Wey Valley

Team 1

Singles Aaron Johnson
Pairs Ruby Hill & Aaron Johnson
Triples Ryan Nash, Liam Harris & Adam Pitfield
Fours Ruby Hill, Ryan Nash, Liam Harris & Adam Pitfield

Team 2

Singles Ajay Morphett
Pairs Devon Cooper & Ajay Morphett
Triples Imogen Jenner, Sam Walker & Oliver Fowler
Fours Imogen Jenner, Devon Cooper, Sam Walker & Oliver Fowler
Travelling Reserve  Jamie Tindall   (Wey Valley)

Nicole Rogers (Loddon Vale) - Now competing as part of the British Lions Team

Team Manager - David Attwood

For more information on the event  click here.

Updated 28th September 2016

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