English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd

England Team

for the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council (B.I.I.B.C)
Mixed U18's International Series

to be played on 13th & 14th October 2018 at Newport IBC, Wales

England Squad
Matthew Bell
Devon Cooper
Liam Creaser
Robyn Hall
Liam Harris
Isaac Jenner
Ajay Morphett
Olivia Moulton
Hannah Smith
Shannon Swift
Joseph Vandepeer
Danielle Wild
North Cave
St. Neots & District
Egerton Park
White Oak
Northampton & District

Team 1

Singles Ajay Morphett
Pairs Joseph Vandepeer & Matthew Bell
Triples Danielle Wild, Devon Cooper & Ajay Morphett
Fours Danielle Wild, Devon Cooper, Joseph Vandepeer
& Matthew Bell
Travelling Reserve  Shannon Swift (Northampton & District)

Team 2

Singles Liam Harris
Pairs Robyn Hall & Liam Harris
Triples Hannah Smith, Liam Creaser & Isaac Jenner
Fours Hannah Smith, Robyn Hall, Liam Creaser & Isaac Jenner
Travelling Reserve  Olivia Moulton (White Oak)

Non-Travelling Reserves
Nicole Moseley (Lynnsport) & Nathan Richards (Scarborough)

For more information on the event  click here.

With a "Get Together"
at Melton & District IBC Saturday 6th October from 12 noon

5th October 2018

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