English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd

Making a difference together

We’re an energy company unlike any other – we take the money our customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and use it to build new sources of renewable energy, such as windmills. People:power is at the heart of what we do – the more people who join us, the more green energy we can generate. Join us, and we will give you £50 off your clubs membership.

Three BIG reasons to join us...


 It’s the greenest possible outcome
Nobody will spend more of your energy bill building new sources of green energy**. Together we are helping to make an energy independent Britain - a Green Britain.

Our prices are simple and fair
We price match the standard tariff of each regional electricity supplier (and British Gas for gas), so for the average home it won’t cost a penny more to switch to us.

Our customer service is fabulous
Our ‘handmade’ customer service means we answer the phone quickly and resolve nine out of ten enquiries in the first phone call.

Join us, it couldn’t be easier and takes less than five minutes.

Call us free on 08000 302 302 or visit www.ecotricity.co.uk/eiba

When you sign up please quote: EIBA1


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