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Let us get the bad news out of the way first. The 'Angels' came second in this challenge!! After, what can only be described as a terrible start in the first 2 ends, the 'Angels' found themselves 37 – 74 points down at the break, which was taken after the first 8 ends. After some liquid refreshment, and a stern talk from 'yours truly', things improved in the second half of 6 ends which the 'Angels' won 46 – 35. However, the overall result was a win for 'MidGlos' 109 – 83. “Well done 'MidGlos' says I through gritted teeth!!
Win or loose a good time was had by all with plenty of banter both on and off the rink which made for a very enjoyable evening all round.
Thanks to everybody who came along and supported this challenge raising much needed funds for the club.
Graham Hayles

'Burns Night Open Triples' match on Saturday 28th January 2017. The match will start at 6:30pm and will consist of 14 ends, with a 'comfort break' after 8 ends.
The bar will be open during the evening and snacks will be available during the 'comfort break'. There will also be a very 'Whisky Themed Raffle' on the evening, and donations for additional prizes will me most welcome. Greys are not essential and we would like everybody to wear, and display, at least one item of tartan, including Kilts for the Men as well as the Ladies. If you would like to join in this celebratory bowls evening please add your name to the poster on the MidGlos 'Notice Board' opposite the reception area. Spectators will be most welcome.
Graham Hayles. www.midglos.co.uk


Dolphin IBC ran a successful bowls event over Easter this year, we are repeating the formulae in December and are pleased to invite you to take part in or enter a Triples team into this new two day club event. As before, one of the objectives is to integrate novice and junior members, so your team will need at least one member who has not played for more than 2 years OR is under 17 years of age, click for details



Plymouth Life Centre Indoor Bowls Junior section sent 9 young bowls to the Mid-Devon U21 Trials - the largest squad from any club.  All performed very well and all will represent Devon U21s at some stage this season.
Four have already been selected to play in the match at Madeira on 6 November.
The Club now has 22 up and coming junior bowlers on the books - ranging from 7 years and above.
The Future of bowls in the Plymouth Life Centre is looking good!

MIDLAND U25 LEAGUE - 09.11.16
The Midland U25 League have 24 active junior members, with Aero Bowls agreeing to sponsor the new league with a trophy for the winners for the next 5 years, click here to see the table. For further infromation, please contact Steve Haywood at Church Gresley IBC, Tel No 01283 619574.

updated 14th December 2016.
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