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Bowling up-hill for great causes: 72 hour bowls marathon Guinness world record attempt

Although bowls is not a sport that would be considered ‘extreme’, it’s about to get an image overhaul as a new Guinness world record attempt is announced. On 10th March, a team of six passionate bowlers will be heading to Moonfleet 2000 Bowls Club, Weymouth for a longer game than normal, rolling their way towards smashing the current record for indoor bowling, which stands at 40 hours. Not just in the name of fun and games, the team will be livestreaming the 72 hour marathon from its dedicated website, showcasing the excitement that the sport brings while also raising money for a number of charities.

The record-breaking team, comprising of leading names in the bowling community, hope to share their love for the game, ultimately raising the profile of the classic sport. After noticing a downhill struggle in the world of bowls, with numbers and clubs dwindling, the success of a dedicated Facebook group created by lifelong bowler Jo Wahnon showed the strong loyalty and passion that remains in the sport, spurring on the looming world record attempt to highlight this further and gather new recruits.

Team 72 bowler, Jo Wahnon, said, “I was challenged by a member of our popular Facebook group to break the bowls record as a bit of a joke, but I then thought what a great way to bring the game I love into to the limelight whilst at the same time showing how caring the bowls community is and what we can do collectively for the sport. Challenge Accepted!”

Another of Team 72s hopefuls and passionate bowler, Chris Aitken, revealed, "I want to help make bowls mainstream. The sport has 1000's of clubs up and down the country, with the number of teams and players, only football can rival it! Bowls is a skilful game and we want to help it lose the ‘old man sport’ stigma that has become attached to it. We want people to try the challenging and fun sport for themselves, we’re sure they’ll be surprised how much they love it! It’s hoped our Guinness World Record attempt and fundraising will help change perceptions.”

In what could be seen as a warm up to this world record attempt, a fund was launched last year to raise money for a meningitis charity, in honour of a fellow bowler. After quickly raising £1500, it became clear what could be achieved when such a tight-knit community joined forces for great causes. And so, alongside boosting bowls’ profile, the three days of non-stop bowling also acts as a platform to raise further funds for charities including Disability Bowls England, Cancer Research UK, and Help for Heroes.

The 72 hour bowls marathon takes place from 10th – 13th March (although if the team can, they intend to bowl for longer!). To learn more about this record-breaking event as well as the story behind the players, the chosen charities, and to view the live stream, head to www.bowlsmarathon.com.

The Bowls Marathon is an official Guinness World Record attempt, taking place from 10th – 13th March. Players will be embarking on 72 hours of consecutive bowls playing, hosted at the Moonfleet 2000 Bowls Club in Weymouth. The game will be live streamed on the official Bowls Marathon website.

It aim is to help raise the profile of the highly skilful, fun, competitive and addictive sport to people and players of all ages, shaking off the Stigma of bowls being an ‘old man’s game’. Secondly, it aims to raise as much money possible for the team’s chosen charities: Meningitis Now, Macmillan and Help for Heroes.

Press contact: Chris Aitken, Jo Wahnon
Email: info@bowlsmarathon.com
Tel UK: 07539 117 877

27th January 2017

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