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The Area Coordinators are responsible for administering the Area Competitions in accordance with the EIBA National Competition Rules and as follows:

The draws for all competitions are undertaken by the EIBA Competition Administrator using computerised random draw selection and transmitted by post and/or by email to all Area Coordinators.

a)    The Area Coordinator to receive area competition results by telephone, email or other means within 24 hours of the game together with posted score cards and to keep a record of all competitors played and check for substitutes.

b)    The Area Coordinator to update the EIBA competition website with results on a twice weekly or regular basis.

c)    The Area Coordinator to advise competitors (challenger only) of their opponents by telephone, post or email as soon as the result of the previous round is known. Competitors with an email address registered with EIBA will be advised of their next opponent through the EIBA competition website system.

d)    The Area Coordinator is to arrange Umpires, (or competent person) markers, venues and dates for the Area Semi Finals (where required) and Area Finals on a neutral green as near half way as possible between the two competitors, to be completed by the dates indicated. The Area Coordinator may be required to arrange Area Play-off games between two areas on alternate years. The Area Coordinator is not necessarily required to attend the Area Finals and may delegate this task to the Umpire on duty. The Area Coordinator to update the EIBA website with full names of all Area Winners.

e)    The Area Coordinator is responsible for collating results for all club team events eg. Egham Trophy, Denny Cup, Yetton Trophy, Mason Trophy. Results should be updated on the EIBA competition website as soon as possible.

Umpires for Area Finals must be arranged through the EBUA Area Secretary (details can be found in the current EIBA Ltd year book). Any out of pocket expenses incurred by the Umpire at the Area Finals, should they wish to be reimbursed, should be referred direct to the Treasurer of the EBUA.

The Area Coordinator will be required to deal with any disputes arising from the interpretation of the EIBA National Competition Rules and adjudicate accordingly. The Area Coordinator may seek the advice of the Regional Coordinator, EIBA Director of Competitions or Competitions Administrator if required.

Expenses for stationery, telephone calls and travel (maximum payment is currently £300) will be paid to each Area Coordinator on submission of a completed expenses claim form. Receipts are required for stationery, postage and print cartridges etc. but not for telephone calls and travel.

If you are interested please contact Claire Edson, Competitions Administrator - claireedson@eiba.co.uk  


Updated 25th March 2019

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