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Is your club losing members?
Do you need support in retaining current members and recruiting new members?

The Bowls Development Alliance are looking for more clubs who would like to engage in the Club Development Programme.

The programme offers proactive clubs support and guidance over a period of 6-8 months to achieve their aims in relation to both sustaining and growing their membership, upskilling their volunteers and coaches, providing new opportunities for those with a disability to play the sport, marketing and promoting the club effectively and attracting funding for facility development If required.

The support offered is bespoke and will vary depending on the club’s needs and present circumstances, but overall it includes:

diagnosing the main challenges, the club is facing and how to go about overcoming them; identifying opportunities the club can tap into.
sharing case studies and examples of best practice from clubs around the country.
offering clubs a variety of templates, forms and other materials they can use either instantly or after bespoke modifications
linking clubs with influential local groups and organisations that they can benefit from.

funding for each club worth of up to £500 from the BDA to support the club with their development work

For more information, visit the BDA website http://playbowls.org/clubs/club-development-programme  or call
George Babalev – Club Development Coordinator on 07826 929 604 to discuss if the programme is right for your club.

Updated 22nd March 2019

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