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The EBYDS is administered on behalf of the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd (“EIBA Ltd”), by a Steering Group consisting of:
     • Tony Barclay
     • Maxine Fletcher
     • Michael Parker
     • Carl Taylor
     • Tony Warren
     • Erica Warrington

The Steering Group reports to the EIBA Ltd Chief Executive (Peter Thompson). The EIBA Administration Assistant (Andrea Clark) provides administrative support to the Steering Group.

1 In the event of any disputes, the final decision will be made by the Steering Group

2 Participants MUST ONLY ENTER FROM ONE COUNTY. Any breach of this Rule will result in disqualification of the competitor.

If through lack of numbers a player can compete in another County. They may only qualify for their County if they qualify through their substitute County.

Participants who do not turn up on the day, whether County, Regional or National, will not be allowed to take part in the following year. An appeal may be lodged with the EIBA and extenuating circumstances (e.g. illness and/or bereavement, etc) will be taken into consideration. Any appeal must be lodged within 7 days of the competition date.

Where there is a conflict of interest, the participant MUST choose which commitment they are honouring, as failure to attend deprives someone of the opportunity to take part in the County, Regional and/or National event.

A minimum of 14 (Fourteen) days’ notice of intention to withdraw is required.

3 Open to all young bowlers who have not attained the age of 18 years on or by 30th September 2019.
The competition will be run in two sections: -
• Juniors who have attained the age of 8 years but not 14 years on or by 30th September 2019.
• Seniors who have attained the age of 14 years but not 18 years on or by 30th September 2019.

4 County Organisers MUST check dates of birth. Where a form is received and the participant is over-age, then that player will be disqualified. It is a condition of entry to these events that a direct contact email/address for each Participant is provided to the County Organiser. C/O address referring to a Club will not be accepted.

5 The points from the Round Robin singles will be added to the points obtained in the skills tests and these totals will decide the qualifiers.

If, when these two sets of points are added together there is a tied position from which there must be a result, the player with the highest shots difference will be the winner. If this does not find a winner, then the number of ends won will be taken into account. If this still does not produce a result then a 1 end “sudden-death” will be played.


7 Players to be divided into groups of four (4) by the County Organiser and initially play a Round Robin.

A minimum of 4 players is required in an age group to constitute a competition. Where the number in an age group is less than 4, application should be made to a neighbouring county to compete in their appropriate competition. (N.B. However, please note Rule 2 above re: entering from a neighbouring county).

8 Event will be limited to one group per rink available i.e. 6 rinks = 24 players; 8 rinks = 32 players.

9 In the Round Robin stage, the winner of each game shall be the player who scores the most shots over seven ends and he/she will be awarded 10 points for a win. Should, through the absence of a player, a competitor be given a bye then 10 points will be awarded.

10 In the event of equal scores after seven ends, each player shall be awarded FIVE points.

11 Each County will submit the highest qualifiers as follows: -
Entries 1 – 7 players in an age group – County will submit 1 top player
Entries 8 or more in an age group - County will submit 2 top players

From the Regional events the top scoring 2 juniors and 2 seniors will go through by right to the National School of Excellence.

Those selected to take part in the National event will receive a personal invitation from the EIBA Ltd.

In Regional & National events, any remaining spaces will be awarded fairly across the Regions by taking the next highest scorers.

12 All games will be played in accordance with the current Crystal Mark, Third Edition, Laws of the Sport of Bowls, except that the ends will be limited as determined by Rule 6 as stated above.

For all County and Regional games, all bowls will be inspected prior to the commencement of play and must bear a stamp of 1985 or later.

For the EBYDS National Final,
all bowls must be stamped with the World Bowls official stamp (Oval rugby ball shaped) or bowls with the WBB stamp of 2020 onwards until the date expires. No other stamp is valid and will be checked by the umpire before the start of play.

Training bowls will be allowed for competitors in the Junior Section.

13 The winner of toss has choice of taking the jack or giving it away.

The Mat may be given away on the first end or on an extra end but NOT in subsequent ends i.e. winner of an end delivers the jack.

One trial end on first game only.

Only 1 visit to the head per end.

One dead/killed end only permitted to each player during each game with no penalty. Any additional dead/killed ends will incur a penalty of 2 shots away. All dead/killed ends will count as an end played.

Players MUST sign card on completion of game which confirms their acceptance of the scores. Once the card is signed, then that score WILL STAND.

14 Should, through the absence of a player, it be necessary to give a participant a bye, then 10 points will be awarded to that person.

15 County Organisers are requested to refer any matters concerning the conduct of these events to their allocated Regional Organiser in the first instance or the EIBA Administration Assistant, who will consult with the Steering Group.

Andrea Clark
EIBA Administration Assistant

email andreaclark@eiba.co.uk
Tel: 01664 481900

Updated 1st November 2019

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